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16 Cliff Street Norwich, VT 05055, 05055

Green Mountain Community Solar (GMCS) previously developed and now only operates community solar arrays in five GMP service territory sites. Our business model is structured such that approximately fifty percent of the panels in our five 600-panel arrays are owned by individual households and businesses who chose to have their panels at a remote location (our arrays) because their home or business could not host the panels. These owners receive solar credits to offset some or all of their electric utility bill over a 30-year term. Solar credits generated by panels not allocated to owners are retained by GMCS to fund maintenance costs. GMCS offers a fair-market-value buy-back program for its panel owners, thus allowing, on occasion, surplus panels to be available for sale. Contact Bruce Genereaux at 603 553 7977 about availability. We are a Vermont-owned and operated company. Our projects are in Londonderry, Chester, Groton and Waterford.

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