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Renewable Energy Vermont Education Fund

The Renewable Energy Vermont Education Fund (REVEF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides public education, outreach, research, and community engagement to drive Vermont’s clean energy future.

Through REVEF we’re raising public consciousness about the many benefits of the power of hydro, wind, bioenergy, solar and geothermal, as well as energy efficiency, in Vermont.  We convene people to grow climate solutions.

Our Initiatives

  • Increasing the use and access of renewables for low & moderate income Vermonters.  We formed the Vermont Clean Energy Access Coalition, a new partnership of renewable energy installers and service providers, utilities, affordable housing providers and advocates, low income advocates, community action agencies, non-profits, and health service providers. Our goal is to reduce energy burdens and increase access to renewable energy, heating, and transportation for all Vermonters.
  • Creating pollinator habitat and improving agricultural soils through native plantings and bee and butterfly friendly management at solar sites. Learn more about Pollinator-Friendly Solar
  • Raising up the voices of farmers who had concerns about Vermont’s anti-renewable policy proposals.
  • Surveying opinions on clean energy, which found that the vast majority of Vermonters wanted more solar in their towns.
  • Hosting two successful Celebrate Solar Days, drawing over 500 Vermonters annually for solar tours throughout the state.
  • Organizing advanced wood heating summits for facility managers to learn about cost-saving renewable energy solutions.
  • Launching the “Working Vermonters” campaign – to tell the story of how renewable energy is helping farmers and landowners keep a working landscape and attract high-paying jobs to Vermont.
  • Spreading the word about and lowering the costs of emerging clean energy solutions including energy storage, advanced wood heating, electric vehicles, and cold-climate heat pumps.
  • Providing clean energy job trainings to ensure that we are building the necessary workforce to continue our transition to a renewable future.

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