What is pollinator-friendly solar and how does it work? 


By using the area between solar panels to grow plants friendly to pollinators a solar project can maximizing its benefits! A pollinator-friendly garden in addition to providing a valuable habitat for threatened species also reduces long-term maintenance cost, increases community support of a project, provides aesthetic value, and assists in stormwater management.

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Pollinator Friendly News

REV Opposes Retroactive Changes to BED Net-Metering Tariff

Burlington Electric Department recently filed a proposed tariff (Case 22-3947) that would terminate the utility’s long-standing practice of providing monetary payments to customers with net-metering systems permitted prior to 2017. The proposed tariff would also...

New Hampshire Study Values Distributed Energy at 17 cent/kWh

The New Hampshire Department of Energy commissioned an independent study to estimate the value of distributed energy resources and an overview of the study results was shared with stakeholders yesterday. Comprehensive analysis by Dunsky pinned the value of distributed...

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