What is pollinator-friendly solar and how does it work? 


By using the area between solar panels to grow plants friendly to pollinators a solar project can maximizing its benefits! A pollinator-friendly garden in addition to providing a valuable habitat for threatened species also reduces long-term maintenance cost, increases community support of a project, provides aesthetic value, and assists in stormwater management.

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Pollinator Friendly News

Halfway Through 2022: A Summary of REV’s Regulatory Advocacy

In the first half of 2022, REV fought for the renewable energy community in nine Vermont Public Utility Commission (PUC) proceedings and one U.S. Department of Commerce tariff circumvention investigation. REV is committed to creating a fair, predictable, and efficient...

The PUC Cuts Net-Metering Compensation Again… For What Exactly?

In an extremely disappointing decision in the fight against climate change, the Vermont Public Utility Commission (PUC) opted to cut net-metering compensation rates for the sixth time in six years, once again missing a chance to make solar more affordable for...

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