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Our Structure

Trade Association

As a 501(c)6, Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) serves as Vermont’s clean energy trade association. We represent all those working in Vermont committed to a 100% renewable energy future in our state.

Our Mission

Building Our Renewable Energy Future

REV members work hard together to eliminate reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency to create self-reliant communities and build a clean energy economy. We are businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals who believe 100% total renewable energy (electric, heating and cooling, and transportation) is not only possible but necessary. REV believes that a strong commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) is essential for a just transition to a 100% fossil fuel-free future. REV’s Diversity Statement

REV is changing the conversation around energy and our economy through:

  • Public education and engagement
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Offering and boosting training and job/internship opportunities
  • Shaping energy laws and regulation
  • Maintaining a comprehensive network of renewable energy innovators, businesses, and climate action thought leaders
  • Business promotion

Our work focuses on:

  • Transforming Vermont’s economy by creating clean energy jobs
  • Creating a local sustainable energy future to enable self-reliance, energy and economic security, and climate resilient communities
  • Ensuring that environmental and energy policies protect the planet now and for generations to follow

REV integrates Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) principles and considerations into all work, including by:

  1. Uplifting voices that are historically underrepresented in the energy industry at REV events and creating accessible opportunities for all to engage on policy and regulatory  issues
  2. Continuing to diversify our Board to ensure that we have a variety of perspectives guiding our organization and to create leadership opportunities for underrepresented voices
  3. Advocating for policies and forming partnerships that bring greater access to renewables and enhance the well-being of all Vermont residents
  4. Seeking partnerships that support local, state, regional, and national efforts to end environmental discrimination from fossil fuel use and to educate the public about these issues 
  5. Engaging in inclusive and equitable hiring practices and offering scheduling flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of our staff
  6. Highlighting the need for economic and environmental justice in our communications work

REV recognizes that all board members and staff must contribute to an inclusive and supportive work environment and must commit to ongoing learning and growth needed to support DEIJ practices within REV.

our History

Making Progress

Founded in 2001, REV members have helped to lead Vermont’s renewable energy revolution — creating resilient, local economies powered by clean energy and building a 21st century workforce committed to improving the lives of their neighbors and communities.  

From Standard Offer to pioneering community solar through net metering and establishing the Clean Energy Development Fund and numerous tax credits, REV is leading the way toward a truly affordable, accessible clean energy future. REV members are also committed to ensuring that renewable energy technologies, projects, and jobs become increasingly cost-competitive for communities and businesses as well as accessible and affordable for all individuals.

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