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157 Church St, 19th Floor New Haven, CT, 06510

Allco Renewable Energy Limited is a New York-based renewable energy firm that primarily develops, owns and operates solar energy projects. Allco has built the development and operational teams needed to support a diversified renewable energy organization, coupled with the in-house financial, tax, and structuring expertise to succeed in an industry that remains economically challenging. Since 2010, Allco has developed a portfolio of in-house commercial-scale solar generation projects totaling 28 megawatts over 17 project sites. In developing and operating these projects, Allco has built an extensive experience and knowledge base regarding commercial-scale solar generation. Since 1995, Allco group companies in the U.S. have arranged financing in sectors including aviation, rail, high technology, waste/wastewater, power and infrastructure for a wide variety of corporate and governmental entities.

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