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2 Sunset Ave., Montpelier, VT, 05602

Sun Catcher, is dedicated to designing and installing appropriately sized, robust on and off-grid renewable energy systems. Howie Michaelson, owner and NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer™, has over 17 years experience professionally installing, troubleshooting, and servicing Grid-Tied PV, Off-Grid PV, and Battery Backup Solar systems, and has been living off-grid 20 years. Working closely with his customers, Howie strives to create the best available system for their needs, and finances. It is important to properly size a system, to use high quality components, and to ensure that both the benefits and the limitations of any system are understood. Not only will the system more likely perform up to expectations, but there will be a better understanding of how it works leading to proper care and maintenance and therefore improved longevity and output. Just as critical in any project is looking at one's energy demand so that usage is understood, and when practical, reduced. It is far more cost effective to be efficient with energy used before designing and building new sources. This is an exciting time for Renewable Energy, and a critical time for everyone to do what we can to live with a lighter footprint. Howie has the experience and the enthusiasm to help in your energy projects. Sun Catcher looks forward to working with you!

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