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803 Sheep Farm Rd., Weybridge, Vt., 05753

The race against species extinction on our planet is more and more a contest for limited space. The human population has more than doubled in the past 50 years, from 3 billion to 7.5 billion, and will approach 10 billion by 2050. There are other important threats that butterflies, bees, beetles and other pollinators face- parasites, diseases and pesticides- but the principal and universal stress is the loss of critical habitat. Solar fields present an opportunity to plant the larval host species, forage and shelter to support these overlooked species that are responsible for more than a third of our food supply. The collapse of Apis mellifera, the non-native honey bee, has been widely reported. While some of our solar sites have honey bee hives, our focus is on the thousands of other native and migratory pollinator species that move pollen from plant to plant providing a vital and sustainable reproductive pathway for many of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plants we consume, and that thousands of other downstream species depend upon as well.

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