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12 North Street, Suite 1, Burlington, VT 05401

DC Energy Innovations has been in business since 2002 and installing renewable energy systems since 2004. We have been installing solar electric systems since 2009. We are staffed by licensed electricians and qualified solar installers who have many years of experience in installing solar. We have even received compliments on our workmanship from other installers and electricians!
We are a small, local company and are able to take the time to talk to our customers. We answer all of their questions and concerns with accurate, honest information. We believe that providing honest information is the best way to gain the trust of our customers.
We have installed solar on every kind of roof, every kind of ground mount. We have installed many commercial and residential systems. We are proud of our workmanship at each installation. We are also there for our customers after the system is complete. We install every system with remote monitoring if at all possible. If there is a potential problem, we get a warning email. We then respond appropriately. Often we contact the customer about a problem before they even know about it!

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