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Membership is open to all those who share the mission of REV to promote renewable energy and move Vermont to a fossil fuel free future. Membership dues are based on the gross annual revenue your company generates from its activities in the renewable energy, efficiency, and transportation sectors.


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Small Business, annual revenue <$200,000 — $300/year

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Business Membership, annual revenue <$1 Million — $825/year

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Corporate, annual revenue $1 – $5 Million — $2,200/year 

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Industry, annual revenue > $5 Million — $4,400/year

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As a member, your company will benefit from REV’s:

  • Legislative Advocacy – REV is working to make updating Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard the climate change priority for the 2024 legislative session. REV’s priorities include requiring 100% renewable energy by 2030, adding strong provisions for additionality and to double and eventually triple the requirement for in-state renewables as well as passing legislation reforming the regulatory process to make it faster, more efficient, and more predictable.
  • Regulatory Advocacy – REV staff serve as the hub for member-directed regulatory advocacy. We strive to synthesize the knowledge and amplify the needs of our members to maximize our collective impact while minimizing individual members’ burden when participating in the regulator process. In recent months, REV has fought for a more streamlined permitting process, fair net-metering compensation, and of the integrity of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard. See a summary of REV regulatory work for the first half of 2022 here.
  • Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) – Members have the opportunity to join the REV LPC which sets the agenda for REV’s advocacy and provides members the option of joining or starting a REV Working Group to implement the organization’s strategic goals. LPC members also benefit from Q&A sessions with industry experts, Vermont regulators, and political candidates. LPC dues are separate from membership dues. Interest parties should contact Executive Director Peter Sterling ( for more information.
  • Customer Referrals and Outreach – REV is a high-visibility resource for Vermonters looking into renewables, storage, and electrification. All members are featured in REV’s online business directory and benefit from referrals from members of the public that contact REV. REV also connects local media with REV members on important renewable energy stories and shares media coverage and job opportunities across REV’s social media platforms.

What Our Members Are Saying

“REV is a valuable networking resource for any organization that benefits from Vermont’s clean energy economy. VSECU is committed to providing affordable financing solutions that our partners can easily access for their customers, and we find that our REV membership is an important connection to this community.” 

– Laurie Fielder, VSECU

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