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Renewable Energy Vermont and the Vermont State Legislature

Renewable Energy Vermont is the only organization dedicated solely to working toward increased, affordable, and comprehensive renewable energy use in Vermont. We are increasingly finding partners across the political and environmental spectrum that share our mission and want to join us at the Statehouse and in regulatory forums to fight for sustainable energy legislation. One part of our work is to ensure that Vermont enacts policies and legislation that promote renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE).

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Summer 2015 Policy Work

Act 99 Net Metering Workshop Process
Clean Energy Development Fund 2015/2016 Process
Comprehensive Energy Plan Comments
Interconnection Rules workshop
PURPA Avoided Cost Workshop

Interested in getting involved? Contact REV staff.

Legislative Outcomes | Winter 2015

House Bill 40
House Bill 489

REV Work | Fall 2014

Public Service Department RPS study | 15 December 2014
REV Comments re: Act 99 Net Metering Workshop | 19 November 2014
REV Comments re: Docket 7873-7874 – Setting Avoided Costs | 7 November 2014
Docket 8010 – DPS Avoided Cost Rate Filing Pursuant to Rule 4.104E | 7 August 2014

Current Press Releases and Announcements:

Celebrate Solar Tours | June 20th

For Past Announcements:

The VSPC draft of the 2015 VT Long-Transmission Plan| 1/09/2015

Thanks to the REV 2015 Policy Team for their efforts in testimony, bill review and advocating for a more renewable future.

AllEarth Renewables
Brookfield Renewables
Dinse Knapp McAndrew
Dunkiel Saunders Elliot Raubvogel & Hand PLLC
Encore Redevelopment
Forward Consulting
Georgia Mountain Community Wind
Great Bay Hydro
Green Lantern Capital
Green Peak Solar
Leslie Cadwell, Legal Counselor and Advocate
Novus Energy Development
SunWood Biomass
Vermont Real Estate

REV is always interested in having new businesses join our Policy Team – let REV staff know if you are interested in participating in this critical REV effort. 

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