RFP | The RFP for REV’s 2015 Annual Conference and Expo: “Leading the Energy REVolution” is live! This year’s conference will be October 8th and 9th at the Sheraton in Burlington. Submissions are due April 13, 2015 at 9:00 AM EST to kate@revermont.org. For more on the targeted audience, areas of interest, themes, and guidelines, click  here.  For a sample submission template, click   here  or  download it instead.

Find out how Vermont Solar = Building Clean Energy and Local Jobs in REV’s solar benefits overview found here.

Antitrust Notice

REV is a trade association of competitors. Thus, compliance with antitrust laws is essential. It is extremely important that you avoid any communications with other member companies that might be construed to involve any competitively sensitive matters, including the following topics:
* Prices or costs of producing a product
* Terms and conditions of sales or purchases
* Limits on production or product lines
* Allocating customers or territories
* Marketing plans
* Analysis or projections of industry conditions unless specifically approved in advance by counsel
* Refusing to deal with a customer or supplier or agreeing to treat a customer or supplier in a certain way
* Bidding for, or solicitation of, particular customers or suppliers

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