• Poll Shows Vermonters Want More Solar In Their Towns
  • Vermont Releases 2016 Update to the Comprehensive Energy Plan
  • Save the Date! Celebrate Solar 2016 - June 18, 2016

New Low-Income PV Incentive Available Through VT SSREIP

The Clean Energy Development Fund through the Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC) has released the forms for the new High Performance Low-Income Solar Electric Incentive.  This is a $1/watt incentive for PV systems to benefit low-income Vermonters living in highly energy efficiency homes. You may find the forms on the RERC website. Please note that all installers must sign and submit the appropriate Terms, Conditions, and Requirements for this program before submitting applications.

Vermont Farmers Support Renewable Energy

Forty two​ ​Vermont ​farmers recently signed onto a  letter to express their support for renewable energy ​and concerns about policy changes affecting their ability to access and utilize clean energy on their property in the future.

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 Bennington Select Board approves solar project, projected to save $750,000 over 25 years

The town has unanimously given its blessing to a solar project that is projected to save it $750,000 in electrical costs over a 25-year period.

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Five REV Members Named Among Best Places to Work in VT

Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce have announced the top 38 Best Places to Work in Vermont 2016. The awards program was created in 2006 and is presented in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management, Vermont State Council, (SHRM), the Vermont Department of Labor and the Vermont Department of Economic Development and Best Companies Group. The REV members included were; AllEarth Renewables, Hickok & Boardman, Renewable NRG, Suncommon and VEIC.

The final rankings for each category will be announced at a special awards presentation on March 31, 2016 at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center from 5:00 pm thru 7:30 pm.

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Vermont Forest System Sector Analysis Released

The Forestry Committee of the Working Lands Enterprise Board (WLEB) released the final report of the Forest Sector Systems Analysis.  The year-long project brought together hundreds of members of the forest and wood products industry.  The three main takeaways defined a need for:

  • increased public awareness of the economic importance of the forest and wood products sector
  • industry wide network development; and
  • increased consumer demand for Vermont-made wood products.

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Poll Shows Vermonters Want More Solar in Their Towns

Vermonters across the state want more solar in the state and also in their own towns, a recent poll found.

Three-quarters of Vermonters surveyed support building more solar farms in Vermont (76%). Additionally, Vermonters are just as supportive of building more solar farms in their own towns (75%). Support for more solar farms extends across party lines, with Democrats (87%), Independents (65%) and Republicans (58%) all strongly supporting building more solar farms in their towns. See full results here.

President Obama Proposes Huge Boost to Clean Energy Funding in 2017 Budget

President Obama’s FY2017 budget request boosts clean energy funding, aiming to reduce the cost of sustainable transportation vehicles and increase the use of clean renewable power from solar, wind, water and geothermal energy.

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2015 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report

Renewable Energy Vermont statement regarding 2015 Clean Energy Industry Report:

“The 2015 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report results show, again, that investment in local energy and local jobs is a win-win for Vermont.  From efficiency to biomass to solar businesses, we are seeing not only more jobs in Vermont in this sector but also an economic ripple into other sectors with nearly 60% of clean energy businesses relying on Vermont suppliers for more than half of their vendor needs.  This creates a robust network of economic development that keeps all of our dollars circulating locally.  REV welcomes Vermonters interested in this sector to join us on October 8th and 9th at RE2015 “Leading the Energy REVolution”, says Gabrielle Stebbins, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Vermont.

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Wind Power Generates 140% of Denmark’s Electricity Demand

See how Denmark generated enough Wind Energy to meet their domestic electricity demand and then some!

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IRS Rules Favorably on Owner’s Eligibility for Federal Tax Credit for a Community-Shared Solar Project

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Wood Pellet Boiler Incentive: Up to $5,500

When you choose Advanced Wood Pellet Heating, you are choosing a renewable, sustainable, and efficient option. Save now with a new incentive of an average of $5,000 off of a new Wood Pellet Boiler system through 12/31/15.

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Antitrust Notice

REV is a trade association of competitors. Thus, compliance with antitrust laws is essential. It is extremely important that you avoid any communications with other member companies that might be construed to involve any competitively sensitive matters, including the following topics:

– Prices or costs of producing a product.
– Terms and conditions of sales or purchases.
– Limits on production or product lines.
– Allocating customers or territories.
– Marketing plans.
– Analysis or projections of industry conditions unless specifically approved in advance by counsel.
– Refusing to deal with a customer or supplier or agreeing to treat a customer or supplier in a certain way. Bidding for, or solicitation of, particular customers or suppliers.

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