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Vermont Businesses Call For More Local Renewable Electricity To Increase Climate Resiliency, Create Local Jobs And Reduce Climate Pollution

by | Mar 10, 2020

MONTPELIER, VT – Businesses from all corners of the state voiced their support for increasing local renewable electricity in Vermont. Businesses from all sectors of the economy wrote to lawmakers and government officials, expressing support for “a 100% renewable energy standard that supports significant expansion of renewable projects built in Vermont by Vermonters.”

“A fully transformed clean energy economy offers tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurship, agriculture, good-paying jobs and improved equity,” they wrote. “Billions of dollars are currently paid to foreign and other out-of-state sources to import dirty fossil fuels. Those dollars should remain in the local economy where they will put Vermonters to work, lower energy costs long term and generate prosperity for the state.”

VSECU, a credit union for everyone in Vermont, sees firsthand the benefits that renewable energy brings to Vermonters, lowering utility bills and making communities more resilient to climate change. “We are proud to put our member deposit dollars to work growing local renewable energy, keeping good jobs in Vermont, and honoring our state’s climate commitments to future generations,” said Laurie Fielder, VGreen Program Director.

“Climate change presents the greatest threat to the people, environment and businesses of Vermont,” the businesses note. “We must expand our reliance on clean local renewable energy in order to fully realize the opportunities of a modern and resilient climate economy.”

Bram Kleppner, CEO of Danforth Pewter notes that supporting renewable energy is also a good business strategy. “Our customers care about fighting climate change and are more enthusiastic about supporting companies that are taking action. Our employees also care, so fighting climate change gives them another reason to be proud of their company,” he says. “Doing everything we can to transition Vermont to a renewable energy economy maximizes our contribution to the fight against global warming, strengthens the Vermont brand and provides inspiration for other states and countries,” he states.

The letter urges state officials — lawmakers, the Governor, and Public Utility Commission — to rectify the competitive disadvantage created by Vermont’s current Renewable Energy Standard which limits local (in-state) renewable energy generation to just 10% of Vermont’s needs.

“Bold legislative action is needed this year to build an equitable and prosperous future for all Vermonters. Only through improving the integrity, transparency, and effectiveness of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard can we create the resilient energy system that our businesses and communities need.”

Read the full letter, signed by more than 150 local business and business associations.



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