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The Benefits and Business of Thermal Energy Networks (Webinar Recording)

by | Apr 20, 2023

As we strive for 100% renewable energy in Vermont, we need a holistic vision that includes multiple, synergistic technologies. Geothermal and other kinds of thermal energy networks can be one part of the solution. Known as electrification’s best friend, these systems can help to balance electric loads and shave peaks year-round. Thermal networks are a great complement to other renewable resources and are close to net zero when paired with solar. REV and the Vermont Community Geothermal Alliance hosted Zeyneb Magavi, Co-Executive Director of HEET, a nonprofit climate solution incubator, Ryan Dougherty, President of the Geothermal Exchange Organization, a non-profit trade association, and Jeff Hammond, President of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association to learn more about thermal networks as an electrification strategy and get a preview of a new case study on Colorado Mesa University’s 12-year-old system that has never once used its gas backup.

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