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Solar Photovoltaics and Battery End-of-Life Management – Best Practices for Vermont (Stakeholder Discussion and Factsheet)

by | Jun 30, 2023

REV and the Agency of Natural Resource (ANR) cohosted the final in a series of stakeholder discussions on end-of-life disposal issues for solar module and battery storage equipment in Vermont. Solar module recycling is still a developing industry and the volume of modules that are being decommissioned is not yet high enough to support ubiquitous, cost-effective recycling but opportunities for reuse and recycling are expanding.

The discussion focused on best practices in Vermont including prioritizing module reuse and key consideration to manage the cost of recycling and identified resources and considerating related to:

  • finding module reuse/recycling companies working in Vermont
  • controlling the cost of end-of-life management
  • complying with Vermont’s relevant hazardous waste and solid waste regulations

Links to the resources covered during the stakeholder discussion are available in the Solar Photovoltaics and Battery Storage: Best Practices for End-of-Life Management Factsheet. View the full discussion below.

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