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REV’s 2023 Legislative Priority: Finally Bringing New Renewables into Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard

by | Jan 5, 2023

REV’s 2023 Legislative Priority is to fix the fundamental flaw in Vermont’s 2015 Renewable Energy Standard (RES) by bringing sufficient new renewables on line to get to a 100% renewable energy future and to help Vermont meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals. Outside of the renewable energy we generate in Vermont, 99% of the RES’ renewable energy requirement is met through the retirement of renewable energy credits from older, large hydro outside of New England.

REV believes this can be done by passing an update to the RES that:
• Replaces the current renewable energy purchasing requirement with one capping energy purchases from existing renewable sources at 40% by 2035
• Increases the existing 10% in state renewables purchasing requirement to 20% by 2030 and 30% by 2035
• Creates a new “new renewable energy” purchasing requirement of 30% new renewables of any size from within New England by 2035.

In addition, REV believes that any RES reform legislation needs to include:
1. Ending the use of unbundled RECs from older vintage out of state large hydro to align Vermont with the RPS’ of other New England states
2. Phasing out REC eligibility of electricity generation that is harmful to human health or produces greenhouse gases
3. Ensuring the PUC regularly consults with the Environmental Justice Advisory Council and Interagency Environmental Justice Committee established by Vermont’s Environmental Justice Law in designing Vermont’s renewable energy programs.
4. Creating new procurement programs to ensure Vermont can affordably meet its Tier 2 goals: a change to net metering to be on site, creating a feed in tariff for all non-net metered projects up to 1.5MW, and a standard offer style reverse auction for projects 1.5MW-5MW
5. Clarify the aesthetic criteria used in the Section 248 Certificate of Public good process to ensure predictable and timely approval of renewable energy projects.

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