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Representative Sarah Copeland-Hanzas named Legislator of the Year

by | Feb 14, 2020

Montpelier, VT – Renewable Energy Vermont recognizes Representative Sarah Copeland-Hanzas with the 2019 Renewable Energy Legislative Champion award. This award recognizes a government official who has worked hard to further renewable energy in Vermont. Copeland-Hanzas represents the Orange-2 district, co-chairs the Climate Solutions Caucus and Chairs the House Committee on Government Operations.

REV’s Executive Director, Olivia Campbell Andersen noted that Representative Copeland-Hanzas’ most recent efforts made net-metering accessible to many small schools throughout the state, allowing them to install solar and benefit from lower electricity costs and reduce climate pollution. “Representative Copeland-Hanzas consistently works to move Vermont’s climate economy forward,” she stated, noting that “she rejuvenated the Climate Solutions Caucus last summer travelling the state to hear Vermonters’ concerns about climate and economic issues. Many of these sessions were standing room only and would not have happened without Copeland-Hanzas’ leadership.”

Accepting her award, Copeland-Hanzas praised renewable energy solutions for creating economic opportunities for Vermonters. “There is a lot of opportunity for us in the transition to renewable energy,” she said. “The jobs that created by renewable energy in our state are the exact jobs that we need more of. We need more jobs for young Vermont high school and college graduates who want to get into a sector where they can work, earn a fair living and stay in Vermont. These are jobs that cannot be exported and that will help us achieve greater energy independence.”

Ending on a positive note, Representative Copeland-Hanzas promised to continue her leadership in addressing climate issues. “We are going to keep at this,” she said. Together, we can get Vermont on track.”

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