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Regulatory Victories in the First Quarter of 2022

by | Apr 7, 2022

REV’s regulatory efforts are focused on creating a fair, predictable, and efficient regulatory process that supports renewable development without undue bureaucratic burdens. In the first quarter of 2022, REV helped members achieve regulatory victories related to GlobalFoundries, project commissioning deadlines, and GMP’s Bring Your Own Device storage incentive program. Members encountering regulatory problems in Vermont are encouraged to reach out to REV Deputy Director Jonathan Dowds (

GlobalFoundries (21-1107-PET): The PUC rejected GlobalFoundries’ request to become a self-managed utility exempt from the Renewable Energy Standard. REV’s actions highlighting this assault on the integrity of the RES and legal support from CLF and All Earth Renewables led the PUC to reject this request and constituted a major victory for the renewable community. REV continues to monitor, but is not opposing, GlobalFoundries’ ongoing efforts to become a self-managed utility that complies with the state’s renewable energy requirements.

GMP’s BYOD Program Incentives (21-5254-TF): In December, GMP filed a new tariff for their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that would have required participants to enable grid charging for their batteries, making them ineligible for the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  This March, in response to REV’s comments to the PUC, GMP developed an alternative tariff for their BYOD program that is compatible with the ITC. Unlike GMP’s initial tariff filing, which made the BYOD program and the ITC either/or options, the new tariff preserves the ability of consumers to utilize the ITC and access a BYOD credit worth $650 to $750 per kW (for 3 and 4-hour discharge respectively). This is a significantly better deal for Vermont consumers and REV members working in the solar plus storage market than GMP’s initial proposal.

Commissioning Deadline Extension (20-0789-INV): In January, REV requested that the PUC extend project commissioning deadlines slated to expire in 2022 for one year in light of the ongoing impacts of COVID on supply chains and labor availability. Supported by comments from numerous REV members, the PUC granted a one-year extension for commissioning deadlines for net-metering and standard-offer projects falling between January 1st and December 31st, 2022, alleviating some of the scheduling pressure created by COVID and Vermont’s short commissioning timeline.

Looking ahead: The PUC’s 2022 biennial update of the net-metering program, which will set net-metering compensation for the next two years, is underway. Ensuring that the Biennial Review results in fair net-metering compensation, that supports expanded renewable deployment, is a top priority.  REV is also monitoring ongoing rulemaking on net metering, interconnection, and storage.


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