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Proposed Renewable & Climate Resiliency Investment to Spur Economic Recovery & Lower Energy Costs

by | Apr 8, 2021

Governor Phil Scott today proposed more than $200 million in state-federal climate change mitigation investments that will lower energy burdens and climate pollution while supporting Vermont’s economy.

The Governor’s climate economy proposals include $25 million to expand Vermont’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure; $21 million for weatherization and energy efficiency; $29 million to support investments in community resilience and make it possible for more Vermonters to replace fossil-fuel based heating and cooling systems with all electric or modern wood systems over the next four years. An additional $100 million will support implementation of the climate action plan under development by Vermont’s Climate Council.

In the following statement, Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy Vermont’s Executive Director expressed support, citing the benefits the plan offers to all Vermonters.

“Every Vermonter and every Vermont community, particularly those with the highest energy burdens, should be empowered to generate and store their own power. The Governor’s proposal to accelerate renewable heating, electric vehicles, resilient energy storage, weatherization, and broadband access will save Vermonters money, make their homes healthier and more comfortable, and cut climate pollution.

State energy investments should leverage both private capital and federal funds to lower energy burdens and help grow existing and new businesses to maximize the number of Vermonters served. More than 18,900 hardworking Vermonters are employed in renewable energy, clean transportation, and efficiency jobs, representing 6.1% of Vermont’s workforce. The Governor’s proposed energy infrastructure investments will provide long-lasting economic benefits to communities rebuilding from the devastation of COVID-19.

By expanding access to electric vehicle infrastructure, the Governor’s proposal will help more Vermonters access clean transportation, saving millions of dollars in transportation costs and reducing climate pollution.

We look forward to working with the Governor and legislators to advance necessary climate economy budget and policy proposals that expand Vermonters’ ability to make choices about their energy.”

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