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Peter Sterling Testifies to the House Committee on Government Operations in Favor of Approving Changes to the Burlington Charter (H.448)

by | Feb 2, 2022

Today, Peter Sterling testified in front of the House Committee on Government Operations in favor of approving changes to the Burlington City Charter (H.448) that would give the City the authority to assess a fee to incentivize fossil fuel free heating and thermal systems in the construction of new buildings. As Peter testified, “REV believes that changes such as this one are an important step towards a 100% fossil fuel free future and that the State of Vermont and the Legislature should be encouraging municipalities to move even faster than the goals set out in the Global Warming Solutions Act in order to combat the very real threats from climate change. Burlington’s work to eliminate fossil fuel use in its thermal sector can and should serve as a model for the rest of the state.”

Click here to read REV’s full testimony to the House Committee on Government Operations.

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