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Defending Customer Access to Renewable Energy

by | Apr 27, 2018

The Public Utility Commission will issue an order on its first biennial review of net metering on May 1st. Over the last 5 months, Renewable Energy Vermont worked tirelessly to advocate for greater customer access to renewable energy through net metering. First, in December and January, REV analyzed the trends resulting from the 2016/2017 net metering rule overhaul. Our analysis showed that last year’s rule changes had a negative impact on solar deployment. We set to work briefing policymakers and others to drive home the importance of net metering, the foregone economic benefits of slowing solar in our state, and need to continue, not stall our forward momentum. We knew we needed to elevate the FACTS: that net metering provides many quantifiable benefits to all Vermonters. To do this, REV sought out independent economists from Synapse Energy Economics to help create an overview of net metering benefits and impacts.

The detailed Synapse report submitted to the PUC did just that; outlining the tremendous benefits of net metering which are summarized in this one-page factsheet. REV also submitted our own extensive comments as well as reply comments. Following our outreach, many of you also spoke out, in total over 362 positive comments were submitted to the PUC from solar installers, homeowners, local businesses, and concerned citizens. REV is grateful to everyone who commented and very thankful to Kate Stephenson of Montpelier and Walter Gladstone of Newmont Farm for speaking up through letters in the news. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read and share, please do.

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