Resource Documents

January 30, 2017

Net Metering Final Proposed Rule 5.100
January 20, 2017

Public Service Board ePSB Memorandum
December 23, 2016

Tariff filing of Washington Electric Cooperative Inc. implementing a revised net-metering program
December 23, 2016

Revised Green Mountain Power Net-Metering Tariff
December 12, 2016

REV Final Net-Metering Draft Rule Comments
December 2, 2016

Full VPPSA Net Metering Tariffs
December 1, 2016

VT Agency of Natural Resources – VT Solar Wetlands General Permit
November 14, 2106

PSB – Request for Proposals and Comments on Proposed Rules on Maintenance of Aesthetic Mitigation Measures and Decommissioning
November 9, 2016

WEC Net-Metering Tariff (Clean)
October 28, 2016

WEC Net-Metering Tariff (Redline)
October 28, 2016

WEC Summary of Tariff
October 28, 2016

WEC Copy of Billing and Account Fee COS
October 28, 2016

Town of Stowe Electric Dept. Net-Metering Tariff
October 17, 2016

Stowe Electric Department – Tariff No. NM-I Net Metering Tariff

Revised Net-Metering Rule Pursuant to Act 99 of 2014- Burlington Electric Department’s Compliance Filing
October 14, 2016

Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc. Tariff Filing
October 14, 2016

Green Mountain Power Corporation Self-Generation and Net-Metering 2.0

Green Mountain Power Corporation Self-Generation and Net-Metering 1.0 (Marked)

GMP Summary Sup NM Program Docket 8652
June 24, 2016

REV Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Factsheet
April 14, 2016


The Vermont Solar / Utility No-Action “SUN” Exemption
July 21, 2014
Source: State of Vermont Dept. of Financial Regulation

S.U.N. Exemption Chart

Master Alternative Energy Investing With Our New Guide
January 22, 2014
Source: Roen Financial Report

Solar and Energy Storage Provides Resiliency for Communities
February 2014
Source: Clean Energy Group

Energy Storage for MicroGrids
February 2014
Source: Navigant Research (must pay for download)

New England Cleantech Innovation Landscape
Feb. 20, 2014
Source: Meister Consultants Group, Inc.

Solar Building Fire Codes
November 2014
Source: NFPA

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