We Need A 100% Renewable Energy Standard Now

Why Do We Need It?

Because Local Energy Generation:

  • Creates climate-resilient communities. 
  • Protects each individual’s right to choose & generate their own power source.
  • Creates jobs for Vermonters. 
  • Keeps energy dollars in Vermont.  
  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption.  

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We Need 100% Renewable Energy Now!

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Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard

While many other states are implementing 100% clean energy standards, Vermont’s energy policy & laws have failed to keep pace.

The Renewable Energy Standard (RES) is the primary mechanism that we have to  transition away from dirty fossil fuels and toward a vibrant economy based on clean, local renewable energy.

Right now, Vermont’s RES law limits local (in-state) renewable generation to just 10% of the power Vermont needs.  That is simply not enough to address climate change with the necessary urgency or create resilient communities.

Vermont’s existing Renewable Energy Standard also sets targets for renewable energy that are too low to meet our state’s climate commitments. 

Finally, our current Renewable Energy Standard does not go far enough to encourage investment in battery and storage technologies. These are the tools that will allow renewable sources to power our homes and businesses around the clock and help us meet the challenge posed by increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

We have fallen behind in climate leadership, but Vermont can become a leader again by adopting a 100% Renewable Energy Standard consistent with our neighboring states.

Please join us in this fight !


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