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Electric vehicles are driving us into the future.  Figuratively and literally. The electrification of vehicles replaces gasoline fuel and saves you time and money.  Renewably powered electric cars, buses, bikes, motorcycles, delivery trucks are available now. With EVs, you really can have it all: fun, safe, and fast; cutting-edge technology and good, old-fashioned joyrides; VIP parking; and barely any maintenance. Electric vehicles go from zero to fast in no time and they’re whisper quiet. They’re great for your wallet and your conscience, keeping our air clean and protecting the places we call home.

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Electric Vehicle FAQs

What is Vermont's new electric vehicle incentive program?

The 2019 Vermont State Legislature passed H.529, which was signed into law by Gov. Scott in June. The law authorizes $2,000,000 to support a PEV incentive program and a fuel-efficient vehicle incentive and emissions-system repair program. Over the next few months, Vermont will see the Agency of Transportation implement the programs. 

The PEV incentive program is a purchase and lease rebate program and is limited to a household at or below 160% of the median household income. The amount of the incentives wasn’t specified in the bill, but it is estimated each incentive will be between $2,500 and $5,000. This program will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. 

The high fuel-efficiency vehicle and emissions repair program is designed to assist low-income Vermonters who fail their emissions tests or who drive inefficient vehicles. The incentives will be dispersed through point-of-repair (up to $2,500) and point-of-sale vouchers (up to $5,000). 

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