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With Vermont’s northern climate and annual temperature fluctuations, heating and cooling are major drivers of our overall energy consumption. Conventional heating and cooling technologies rely on fossil fuels.  Forget heating with dinosaurs, REV works to advance efficient renewable heating solutions such as heat pumps, advanced wood heating, and geothermal.

Advanced Wood Heating

Advanced wood heating is best-of-class, automated technology utilizing either local wood pellets or chips. We’re talking whole home or building heating. Modern wood boiler systems are connected to your thermostat, highly efficiency, and low maintenance.  Combined with a bulk pellet or chip system where a truck delivers directly to a storage bin, internet monitoring, and a support network of trained installation professionals; advanced wood heating can provide you with comfortable warmth and peace of mind.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems uses the stable (55 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature of the earth, or of groundwater in a well, along with an electric heat pump to efficiently and cheaply heat buildings in the winter, and keep them cool in the summer.

Heat Pumps

Keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer is possible with new cold climate heat pumps.  By drawing in the air from outside – or pushing it out depending on the season – these room to room or whole building systems offers versatility and comfort for weatherized buildings.

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