Willis Towers Watson

40 Main St, Suite 500
Burlington, VT 05401REV Member
Focus Area: Utility

Website: www.willis.com

(O) 802-264-9596 (C) 802-999-5382

E-mail: Todd.Nenninger@Willis.com

Technology Type(s):
Other (Broker for Wind, Solar, Hydro)

The Willis Renewable Energy Team – a division of the Global Markets International Utility Practice Group – is the largest renewable energy broker in North America and throughout the world.   Willis has been involved with the range of Renewables from the pioneering days, with a particular focus on Wind, Solar, Hydro energy. This means that our experience is both broad and deep: we are established and trusted advisors, providers of technical expertise, and place great emphasis on efficient claims management. Our long involvement in the sector has led to close ties with specialist markets. This means that we can tailor client – or project – specific risk transfer solutions for any project, from plan to installation and throughout the operating life. Innovation is as much a part of your world as it is of ours.

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