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Bioenergy includes a spectrum of technologies that harnesses biological matter, liquids, and gasses to produce heat, electricity and fuel. See all Bioenergy MembersEnergy Efficiency: Efficiency includes a number of technologies, systems and designs that help save money, reduce energy and heat use, and get further with less. See all Efficiency MembersGeothermal, or ground source heating, is the direct use of energy absorbed from the sun at the earth’s surface, and supplemented from the earth’s core. See all Geothermal MembersHydropower uses flowing water to generate approx- imately 20 percent of the world’s electricity in 2006, with no carbon emissions.  See all Hydro MembersSolar, the most common and wide spread application of renewable energy, solar panels can be seen on houses, apartment buildings and offices, around the world! See all Solar MembersWind turbines harvesting  the free, sustainable power  of the wind, producing utility, commercial, residential  scale electricity. See all  Wind Members

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