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Vermont Solar & Wind Partnership Program

The Purpose of the Vermont Solar & Wind Partnership Program is to:

  1. Provide a benchmark of installation quality and experience for the solar and wind installation industry and its customers.
  2. Provide a gateway to the Vermont State Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program.


The Vermont Solar and Wind Partnership Program was established in 2003 by Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) as a voluntary program for REV members. In 2005, Vermont State’s Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program stipulated that incentive payments can be made only to installers who have been approved as solar or wind partners. Membership in the partnership program was then made available to all  installers of solar and small wind systems. REV remains the administrator of the Partnership Program, and the Renewable Energy Resource Center the administrator of the Vermont State Solar and Small Wind Incentive Program.

For Homeowners and Business Owners:


Companies and individuals listed as partners offer professional experience installing renewable energy systems and a proven track record of professional conduct. By hiring partner installers, your project may be eligible to receive financial incentives from the Vermont Solar and Small Wind Partnership Program. To take advantage of these incentives, homeowners and business owners must go through an installer that has been approved by the partnership program.

Businesses that qualify for Full Partnership are experienced installers committed to professional, high-quality installations. These businesses have demonstrated professional experience. Businesses new to the solar or small-wind installation industry are eligible for Provisional Partnership. Provisional Partnership is designed to provide a pathway for businesses to become Full Partners. These businesses have only met minimum requirements and demonstrated a basic knowledge of the industry best practices.

Note that accreditation as a Partner Installer does not imply an endorsement on behalf of Renewable Energy Vermont.

Full Partners:

Provisional Partners:

Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont

Homeowners and business owners can consult the Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont, a dynamic and easy-to-use tool to help assess the potential for renewable energy projects throughout the state. Renewable Energy Atlas users can gauge how much sun, wind, and other natural resources are available at county, city, even individual address levels, see other renewable energy projects and installations nearby, and view REV Member installers, manufacturers and other businesses.

Become a Solar or Wind Partner

The Vermont Solar and Wind Partnership Program reviews applications from interested businesses to determine whether they meet program requirements. Program criteria and applications forms are available for download here:

Solar & Wind Partnership Program Critera

Businesses applying as provisional partners may need to include evidence that they have completed an ISPQ-accredited training course or program, or other courses approved on a course-by-course basis before taking the course. These programs are listed on the Interstate Renewable Energy Council’s website, ISPQ-Accredited Programs & Continuing Education Providers, as well as on our Events Page.

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